Peer Review

Book Chapters

  • Salomons, Geoff. (2017) “Fatherhood and the PhD: Time Management, Perfectionism, and the Question of Value.” In Parent Track. Eds. Christina DeRoche and Ellie Berger. Wilfred Laurier Press.
  • Salomons, Geoff and John Parkins. (2017) “The Economic and Political Context of Public Deliberation on Climate Policy in Alberta.” in Public Deliberation on Climate Change: Lessons from Alberta Climate Dialogue. Ed. Lorelie Hanson. Athabasca University Press.

Unpublished Papers

Salomons, Geoffrey H.  Representing Issue Based Publics: Mechanisms for Public Participation Processes.

Salomons, Geoffrey H. Norms, Ideas, and Values in Comparative Politics.

Salomons, Geoffrey H., Public interest standing and the environment : setting boundaries of participation in energy and natural resource decision making.  MA Thesis, Department of Political Science, University of British Columbia.  2012.

Available at:

Hoberg, George, Rivers, Andrea and Salomons, Geoff, Comparative Pipeline Politics: Oil Sands Pipeline Controversies in Canada and the United States (2012). APSA 2012 Annual Meeting Paper.

Available at SSRN:


Review of Kathryn Harrison and Lisa Sundstrom, Global Commons, Domestic Decisions: Comparative Politics of Climate Change.  Journal of East Asia Studies. Vol. 12 Issue 3.  Pgs 472-474.

Review of C. Melissa Snarr, Social Selves and Political Reform: Five Visions in Contemporary Christian Ethics.  Anglican Theological Review.  Spring 2010.  Vol. 92, no. 2.  Pgs. 431-432.

Review of Mayra Rivera, The Touch of Transcendence: A Postcolonial Theology of God.  Anglican Theological Review.  Winter 2010.  Vol 92, no. 1.  Pgs. 237-240.

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